Advanced XL Contracts Register

$44.00 AUD

The Advanced XL Contracts Register provides the next level of support to a busy procurement and contracts management team. Aimed at small teams of up to 5, the solution is an inexpensive method of taking the first steps into a centralised contract management solution.

Workbook includes:

  • Procurement process management
  • Contracts management
  • Vendor record management
  • Simplified view to allow accounts payable to update purchase order detail
  • Dashboard view
  • Reporting on workloads and expiring contracts
  • Audit trail to track changes to records and who has opened the workbook
  • Package includes a completely unlocked copy of the Advanced XL Contracts Register and a comprehensive and editable user guide.

Each day when you open the workbook, you will be asked to automatically backup the workbook and then directed to a view of your current workload. An intuitive interface will then allow you to navigate to the functions and data you need to manage your processes and contracts.


Looking for a powerful Excel based contracts register solution?

Don’t have the time or skills to build from scratch?

The Advanced XL Contracts Register will capture, track and report on you procurement and contracts management activities, allowing you to visualise the workload of your team and avoid embarrassing and costly expired or forgotten contracts.

Building on our Basic XL Contracts Register, the Advanced version takes recording and tracking of contracts and procurement processes to a whole new level. This solution has been used by teams of up to 5 procurement advisors, 3 accounts payable staff and management teams.

The workbook will back its self up with what ever frequency you choose from daily upwards, this can reduce the risk of lost data if the workbook becomes corrupt or data is deleted in error.

The Advanced XL Contracts Register is far more than just a simple list of contracts, it provides a separation from data entry to data storage. This allows the validation of information before records are updated. Unique identifiers are automatically generated and contracts and variations are tracked separately.

A dashboard view is provided to allow an overview of the status of contracts and processes as well as reports that cover current workloads and expiring contracts. A powerful record search functions and vendor details management round out a tool that will make your data management faster and more effective.

The workbook is sold completely unlocked with a license for you to modify however you like and use for any purpose other than resale or sharing.


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