Basic XL Contracts Register

$11.00 AUD

The Basic XL Contracts Register is an entry level method of capturing the procurement processes, contracts and variations in a simple register.

Includes :

  • Auto ID Generator
  • Dashboard report
  • Data validation


Do you need a straight forward method of capturing your current workload, contracts and variations?

Are you looking to grow your knowledge of Excel and what can be achieved with simple macros and powerful formulas?

Whether you are looking for a tool to implement in your work place, a starting point for building your own Excel based solution, or just want to learn a little more about Excel, then the Basic XL Contract Manager is for you.

This sheet allows you to track a contract from initial planning, the procurement process, then manage its variation and expiration. This is done through a register that allows the capture of 46 different fields of information regarding the status or the contract.

As a bonus, there is a great looking dashboard and an automatic contract ID generator that you can configure.

The workbook is sold completely unlocked with a license for you to modify however you like and use for any purpose other than resale or sharing.


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