Negotiation Agenda Item Register

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With a complex procurement, it can be difficult to keep track of all the items to target in a negotiation. If you are running an interactive process, like Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) or a Competitive Dialogue approach, tracking the agenda items for workshops can be equally difficult.

The Negotiation Agenda Register is a Microsoft Excel based tool that provides a powerful user form and integration with Microsoft Word to allow a variety of data capture, editing and viewing in one handy package.


The Negotiation Agenda Item Register provides a powerful tool for tracking subjects to be discussed with proponents in either negotiations or in an interactive procurement process. To drive the right thought process, the sections captured include:

  • Record ID
  • Stream
  • Proponent
  • Owner
  • Status
  • Title
  • Details
  • To Discuss
  • Business Objectives
  • Most Desirable Outcome
  • Potential Issues for Proponent
  • Preferred Outcome of Proponent
  • Affected Documents
  • Proponent Documents
  • Actions

Sleek User Form

Entering data into an Excel table can be tedious and error prone, click the New Agenda Item button to open the user form to create a new item, or double click an existing item to view and edit it in a user friendly format.

Data Validation

The user form includes data validation to ensure the minimum amount of information is entered for each new record.

Affected Documents

Because every process is different and documentation will change, the Affected Documents section is fully configurable by the user. Just rename the columns in the Register and delete the unwanted columns and the user form check boxes will be updated on the fly.

Integration with Word

Need to export an agenda item to Word for review? Need to re-import the details from the edited Word document after they have been edited? Maybe your team would prefer to create the items in Word and then import them into the register.

All this is possible with just a click of a button. The Word document can be branded and reformatted however you need, just keep the bookmarks and the export/import process will run like a dream.


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